The power
of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an ancient technique that has become rather prestigious nowadays. The secret of its popularity and success lies on the fact that so few products work at two stages: on the one hand, the molecular complexity of essential oils makes them very useful for therapeutical applications. On the other hand, they act on the olfactory system and the mind.

Despite having a wide range of possibilities and warm, sweet or floral aromas, these essences are extremely powerful. They have a great antiseptic power, they strenghthen the organs and the defence mechanisms. They protect the plants from parasites and are vital for their reproduction. Essential oils are almost living organisms.

However, essential oils do not work only on the mind. Their aromas work in a  more subtle way on mind and emotions. No other therapy can offer so good benefits at the present time.

Every essential oil is exclusive because of its combination of many active principles. This implies that every oil can be used to treat many different problems or diseases.

In order to be able to recognize a real natural product, we must know certain facts: vegetable and essential oils will never have bright or flamboyant colours. Their colour is normally yellowish.

We should reject the essential oils that come from any fruit apart from citrus fruits, because the oil is extracted from the peel, the only place where fruits have oil. No other fruit contains oil.

We have to be sure about the autenticity of the oil: we should always check the label in order to see if the product is 100% natural by reading its composition and its ingredients which should be written in Latin lenguage (you can easily find the translation to your own language through internet).

Essential oils are chemically complex. If they are stored in a plastic jar, it will melt. We should purchase oils that come in a dark glass, PET (a very resistant and recyclable type of plastic) or aluminium jar, the only materials that can preserve it from light and will maintain their active principles untouched. The same applies to blends of vegetal and essential oils.

Essential oils are natural preservatives, and can last for long if stored in a dark place and closed tightly, in order to avoid evaporation.

When talking about aromas as a therapy, we can state that the olfactory memory has 10.000 registers more than taste, and we remember forever the 35% of the odours we ever perceive. This leads to the conclusion that smell is one of the most powerful senses.

The molecules of smell are perceived through the sensitive cells that cover the nose from inside, and this molecules are directly led to the lymbic system, which balances the sensorial activity and rules the primitive impulses of the human beings. Then they reach the hypothalamus, which regulates the majority of our body functions. To sum up, everything we smell affects directly to our impulses and physical activities.

This way, an environment with a relaxing or toning scent will lead us to a certain state of mind and physical state. Every process that sends impulses to the brain will have its effect on body and mind.