Laminaria Seaweed
Body Wrap

Slimming wrap mud made of seaweeds, which make the minerals enter the organism and helps to drain fluids, while it leaves the skin smooth.

The wrapping makes the skin sweat in order to help eliminate liquids. Very suitable to treat flaccid skins, loose skins (as in the arms, the neck) and to treat fluid retention in gene­ral.

Active ingredients:
Laminaria seaweed and Lithothamine seaweed.

How to Use:
Professional use only.
Mix 1 spoonsful of powder and 2 spoonsful of warm water. Stir vigorously until a pasty mud is obtained. Essential oils can be added to bo­ost the effect. Apply it over the desired area and cover it with osmotic film.
Leave it work for 20 minutes. Remove the remaining product with a wet towel. Do not apply on the face. Do not use on people suffering thyroid pro­blems since seaweeds contain iodine.

Packing: 1000ml