Facial oil

Non-greasy oil, suitable for all types of skins, but mainly recommended for oily and/or acneic skins.

Because, despite of being an oil, it does not produce pimples or blackheads. In fact, it helps to dissolve the extra grease and oil on the skin.
It also helps to reduce fine lines, provides a young look to the skin and augments its smoothness up to a 37%. It is also highly moisturising.

Active ingredients:
Buxus chinensis oil. Jojoba oil has a 96% of ceramide within its compostition. Ceramide covers the cells of the epidermis and balance the hydration of the skin.
Vitamin E: it eliminates free radicals, which are responsible for early skin ageing. This vitamin is rich in fatty acids that work as skin regenerator.

How to use:
Apply on face, neck and décolletage .
It can also be mixed with cream, mask, peeling or the corresponding Quinta Essenza.

Ingredients: Buxus Chinensis 100%

Packing: 60ml