Face oil
Pure Rose Hip

First cold-pressed oil from the shouth of Chile. It is a greasy oil, so it is not recommended for oily skins.

However, it is known worldwide thanks to its regenerating, scar-healing and anti-wrinkle properties.
It is widley used to heal scars and regenerate the skin after burns. Used continuously, it will help to diminish stretch-marks because it heals the broken tissue.
It is also helpful to erase age and sun spots.

Active ingredients:
Rosa canina. It is composed by a 80% of fatty acids, which regenerate the skin and delay the signs of ageing.

How to use:
Apply it on face, neck and décollatage with a soft massage as an anti-ageing oil.
Apply it on the scar or stretch mark to be deleted.
Apply it on the eye-contour zone, alone or mixed with a base oil or cream, in order to regenerate this area.

Packing: 15 - 60ml