Cryogenic Mask

Plastic facial mask is specially formulated as a complement for facial and body treatments.

Very useful in face treatments to provide firmness, smoothness and elasticity. Suitable for body treatments in order to firm up breasts, thighs and loose belly due to its toning action.

Active ingredients:
Mentol: brings vitality and tones up
Spirulina seaweed: restructuring and firming

How to use:
Professional use only.
Mix 1 part of powder per 1 part of warm water. Use 4-5 parts for the whole face.
Put the powder in a bowl and then pour the warm water (20ºC approx.) slowly. Stir vigorously until a homogenenous paste is obtained.
Apply it on the desired area and leave it work for 15 minutes. Peel it off in one piece.
Do not apply it on eyes, nose, mouth  or any other mucous membranes. Its high content in mentol could irritate those areas. Do not apply it on nipples either.

Packing: 1000ml