Facial oil
Afrodita Facial Elixir

For and anti-wrinkle and regenerating face massage.

It tones up tissues and provides luminosity to aged or dehydrated skins.
It is balancing and regenerating and makes the skin softer.

Active ingredients:
Sweet almond oil: is smoothing and moisturising, and provides elasticity.
Jojoba oil: increases the smoothness of the skin and reduces fine lines.
Wheat germ oil: provides vitamin E.
Rose hip oil: cell regenerator and anti-wrinkle.
Orange EO: soothing, softener.
Myrrh EO: regenerating, anti-wrinkle and anti-stretch marks.
Incense EO: astringent and purifying.
Rose EO: anti-wrinkle and regenerating.
Ylang-ylang EO: regenerating, dermic balancer.
Sage EO: balancing and firming.

How to use:
Professional use only.
Apply it on face, neck and décolletage with a soft massage.

Packing: 50ml