An exclusive therapy for women

It is based on achieveing a complete wellbeing for the whole organism and in boosting women’s femininity. For face and body.

The power of rose absolute, the  flower of women, is the main ingredient of this therapy.

Rosetherapy provides a physical and emotional wellbeing state. In terms of facial benefits, it treats wrinkles and regenerates the skin. In terms of body benefits, it balances the hormone system, purifyes toxins and provides vitamin E. In terms of mind benefits, it balances hormone problems, diminishes depression and provides a state of harmony.

- Afrodita Body Oil 500 ml
- Rose Water 200 ml
- Afrodita Facial Elixir 50 ml
- Bulgarian Rose Absolute 5 ml
- Pink quartz pack
- Grapefruit Essential Oil 15 ml
- Cypress Essential Oil 15 ml