Hindu Essence Massage
The perfect fusion between Ayurveda and aromatherapy

Get the perfect balance

Hindu Essence Massageis a traditional hindu massage combined with the purest aromatherapy. Get the perfect balance between the most effective techniques and a holistic and complete well-being.

Balances the dosha (also known as "biotype" or "metabolic principle", or even more commonly, as "nature") of every client and transfers balance and harmony. According to traditional ayurvedic medicine, when the energy called "santrasa" is overloaded the physical, mental and emotional equilibrium gets unbalanced. A good equilibrium provides harmony, which means strength, vital energy and beauty..

Products included in the treatment:
- Macadamia Oil 500 ml
- Avocado Oil 500 ml
- Vegetal Plus Oil 500 ml
- Quinta Essenza Pitta 10 ml
- Quinta Essenza Vata 10 ml
- Quinta Essenza Kapha 10 ml
- Bolus bags (with a micronized herb mix)
- Special heater