CV Primary Essence is born in 1997 in Barcelona with the aim of creating a natural professional brand in order to fulfill the requests of the most demanding therapists and beauty professionals that refuse to work chemicals and petroleum derivatives.

Since that day we have been walking a long path in which, being more and more aware of the world we are surrounded by and our responsilibity towards it, we have reinvented luxury cosmetics in order to leave superficiality behind and bond them to the Mother Nature.

This is how Ecoluxe is born, a concept that has become our work philosophy.

For that reason, in the laboratory of CV Primary Essence we work according to the purest aromathera­py traditions, using the most avant-garde tech­niques and therefore creating natural cosmetics that care for the skin, reinforce the spirit and relax the mind, always respecting the life cycle.

Welcome to the new era, welcome to Ecoluxe.