Exclusive treatment for women. By receiving a Rose-Therapy session, we will balance body and mind, achieving an unbeatable image, enhancing the feminine essence and achieving harmony and well-being.

We combine 100% natural cosmetics with the power of rose quartz, facial reflexology based on the Vietnamese dien-cham system and body reflexology massage, which includes the polygon tracing technique, abdominal stretching and reflexology combined with aromatherapy.

We will achieve on a physical level:

  • An anti-wrinkle and regenerating facial treatment.
  • Purification and elimination of toxins.
  • Balance the proper functioning of the intestine.
  • Reduce anxiety.

At the mental level:

  • A state of absolute relaxation and well-being.
  • Balance the body. Antidepressant against sadness.
  • Solve emotional states of anguish, grief, guilt or anger and the tension these states produce.


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